Adriatic Resort Town, Rovinj

Our bus pulled into sunny Rovinj, Croatia, the afternoon of May 28th. This town was another pleasant surprise. The old part of the town, a peninsula, belonged to the Venitian empire for 800 years. Italian is the official second language of the larger Istrian peninsula, of which Rovinj is a part. Then we pulled into the Eden Hotel, a luxury resort hotel, complete with multiple swimming pools, a bike rental facility, a beach area, and it’s own foreign exchange desk (the Croation currency is the Kuna). Very nice!

We had a team meal at the hotel, and then walked into the center of town for a match with the Croatia Junior National team. OU put on a good show and won the match. We found a good seafood restaurant to chow down after the games.

The next morning, Kathy and I rented some mountain bikes and set off to explore the old town of Rovinj. Several volleyball players rented bikes too. With beautiful sunny weather, we explored the old town with narrow steep streets leading to the main church. Then we descended to the street market for shopping and treats. We kept running into the volleyball ladies as we were exploring this unique town.

We went back to the gym later with the team to watch them beat the Croatian Junior Nationals again. The players went off on their own to celebrate since they had a day off from playing tomorrow (on to beautiful Venice).

Between the weather, the unique old town, and the posh hotel, Rovinj, Croatia, was filled with unexpected pleasures.


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