Lake Constance and Lindau

We said our goodbyes to Hanh and Peter after breakfast on June 9th, and headed through Freiburg and the Black Forest to Lake Constance (der Bodensee). This huge lake borders Germany on the north side, Switzerland on the south side, and Austria on the east end. This is a favorite area for vacationers in this part of Europe.

There are so many delighful resort towns to choose from. In 2010 on our German vacation, we passed through Lindau on our way from Munich to Hartheim, and said we need to come back here again, and so we did. We booked a modest hotel on Lindau Island, the old town, for two nights, and enjoyed the sights, sounds, and restaurants of this very popular resort town. The town caters to people from everywhere, but the majority of visitors are from Bayern (Bavaria). There no cars on the Island, but the hotel pays for the parking in the city lot across the bridge from the old town. We did our first walk around town in the evening after we checked into our hotel.

This is a town with a photo opportunity around every corner. The variety of architecture, structure, and colors of the buildings in Lindau was a joy to behold. We started out the next day with a visit to the city art museum with a current exhibition of drawings and scissor-cut pictures of Henri Matisse, a French Impressionist. The harbor is a short walk away with a scenic lighthouse and views of the Austrian and Swiss Alps across the water. The main square of Lindau borders the old city hall (Rathaus) and a clarion (musical bell system). The street performers were good too, including the mime and guitarist. It was a great place to enjoy your ice cream and people watch. We did a good job of touring the town and enjoyed a tasty German supper on the patio of a nearby hotel.

Then we returned to our hotel and planned our next day of driving back to Milan via Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland.


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