Julia and Tyler’s Wedding

Julia Doyle and Talimatou (Tyler) Peniata were married yesterday, May 10th at 2:00 pm on the beach in Waimanolo, Oahu, Hawaii. It was a glorious setting and wedding. It started to rain on the way, but cleared up and turned sunny when the wedding started.

The guys were wearing aloha shirts, dress shorts, and barefoot. The ladies were wearing beautiful tropical dresses. The bride and groom were decked out in their Hawaiian best.

Parts of the ceremony were in the Hawaiian language. The minister blew a conch shell to announce the start of the wedding. The little flower girl,  Ata, was a little reluctant to start the procession. But she soon did her part to spread some flowers in the path. The minister handled the ceremony with a great mix of gravity and humor. It was as good as it gets.

Afterwards, we went to the wedding party house for a reception hosted by Tyler’s mom and sister.  Plenty of good food for a hungry bunch. Not too much cake was spilled during the cake cutting. The evening was spent at the beach. I’m sure the wedding group partied late into the next morning. There were rumors of some serious beer pong games involving humorous verbal abuse. Alleged, I say, alleged.

Today, Tyler was showing his bride and friends some of the best sights in Oahu. The five of us were relaxing at the beach, shopping, and eating out in Kailuha. We are trying to find a good Luau to attend tomorrow.

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