A Hike, a Luau, and the Pali Lookout

On May 12th, Tyler organized another hike, the Pillbox. This hike starts in the golf course in Kailuha and climbs on a nearby mountain to a WWII pillbox at the top. It wasn’t easy. Some stopped halfway. I managed to make it to the top slowly and carefully with Tyler’s help. Quite a view from there. Unfortunately on the way down, Rhonda slipped and badly sprained her ankle. She got a lot of help getting down from Julia, Alyssa, Tyler, and Austen.

That evening, four of us went to a Luau at Paradise Cove on the west side of Oahu. Rhonda did not get to participate because of the sprain. Kathy, Keith, Sean, and I went to the largest Luau I have ever seen. They usually have 200-300 people. This one had 1000. But, it was a really good one, very well organized and run. The food and entertainment was terrific.

The 13th was Mother’s Day. The kids organized a great Mother’s Day breakfast at their Airbnb house for Rhonda and Kathy. Kudos to all who made that a memorable morning. Then we had to check out of our Airbnb flat. Our host, Rena, was really a nice person and very helpful. On the way to Honolulu, we stopped at the Pali Lookout. It was the site for the big battle of Hawaii by King Kamehameha, and a stunning overlook of the leeward side of Oahu. The wind was really strong.

When we got to Waikiki, we found a good restaurant for lunch. Then we located the bride and groom and the rest of the youngsters on the beach. We spent some time there, said our farewells (Alohas) and went to the airport for our 9pm overnight flight to LA, and then Minneapolis. It’s an eleven hour set of flights and five time zones change.

We had a fabulous trip and wedding. I can’t believe how much we did in five days.


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