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Bands of thieves and my stolen backpack

Well, I must look like a typical tourist. A set of young thieves tried to pick my pocket on the train to Versailles today, a big tourist attraction. They almost got my wallet, but it fell to the ground and I was able to get it back. Then, later that day, we were having coffee at a Starbucks in Versaille. I got up to use the restroom, and a set of older thieves distracted Kathy, and whisked my backpack from my chair unnoticed. I had all the important stuff on me, but they stole a good backpack, my prescription sunglasses (biggest loss), a new raincoat, two umbrellas, and some tourist books. If I were in Paris or New York, I would not have left the bag on the chair, but we were in a small city and I let my guard down. The thieves always work the biggest tourist attractions. Non the less, it makes you feel violated. I am pouting right now, but I’ll get over it soon. I had my passport, credit cards, and cash in a hidden wallet. My camera was on my belt, and my iphone and keys were in my pockets. I just hate being taken for a ride.